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How to Get to Campus

There will be a shuttle for symposium attendees from Çekmeköy Metro to the Campus at 8:15 in the morning and another one from Campus to Çekmaköy Metro at 19:00. The shuttles will also stop at Taşdelen Bridge.

Campus is easily accessible from the central points of the city by public transportation.

For our campus map or more information about public buses (IETT), please click here.

Shuttles are also available for easy access to campus. A shuttle fee is assessed for each commute, which can be paid either in cash or by Campus ID Card. Discounts apply to payment with Campus ID Cards. Money can be loaded on Campus ID Cards by credit cards at the money loading kiosks, or via MyOzU or Gürsel Web applications.

Özyeğin University Transportation Staff are at your service 24/7 for all your inquiries and complaints about shuttle times, routes, and stops.

OzU 24/7 Shuttle Hotline: 0 549 827 74 15 - 0 549 827 74 16

For regular shuttle hours and routes, please click here.