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9th International Symposium on Brain and Cognitive Science

Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary research field that seeks to understand the nature of the human mind and other minds, including artificial minds, with all its implications. The International Symposium on Brain and Cognitive Science (ISBCS) invites research from all the fields that are connected to cognitive science. The individual disciplines include Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Computer Science, Anthropology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Education. Each discipline brings a set of tools, perspectives, and questions to the table. However, the big picture of the mind cannot emerge by studying this multi-layered problem with a single lens. Communication and collaboration are essential for the cognitive scientist. It is under these premises that we initiate ISBCS.

One mission of ISBCS is to be a premier academic meeting of the cognitive science community. Established jointly by Middle East Technical University (METU), Bogazici University and Yeditepe University (i.e. by the three universities that offer cognitive science programs in Turkey), ISBCS is going to be held annually to gather researchers and students from leading national and international centers working on all areas of cognitive science. Our aim is to establish a platform where students can learn about recent research in cognitive science, researchers can get together and initiate collaborations, and the participants can receive valuable feedback on their work.

This year, ISBCS 2023 will be hosted by Özyeğin University with the contribution of Psychology and Computer Science departments. 


Call for submissions

We invite submissions from all the fields which involve the common goal of cognitive science research: understanding the nature of the human mind and other minds including artificial minds. All submissions related to disciplines comprising the field of Cognitive Science will be considered, including Neuroscience, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Computer Science, Anthropology, Philosophy, and Education. 

09 April
24 April

Deadline for registration


09:00 AM

07 May




Specific questions and communication about ISBCS’23, including sponsorship requests, can be directed to